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Behind the Scenes Episode 3

In this third and final episode we take all our gear up to a new zone, further than before thanks to black diamond tours who lend us a sled for the day. The excitement of a new spot quickly wore off as we realised the walk-in on the days to follow to get up there was going to be a nightmare after the storm! On top of that Jake manages to smash up his knee and ankle in the middle of the night far from civilisation. Enjoy!

Cable Cam Time-lapse in Spain

Cable Cam Time-lapse in Spain

The guys at Barrancodelahoz have been busy setting up this cable cam in Spain.  An ambitious project and we can’t wait to see the results.  Check out more BTS photos on their blog here






Genie available in France

Behind the scenes Night Fury Ep 2.

Scenic Trek.

Meanwhile in New Zealand…

Our buddies at Diaries Downunder just finished up this job for Air New Zealand, if your after a bit of snow this Southern Hemi then you know where to go!

DIY Competition winner!

DIY Competition winner!

Thanks everyone for entering the competition for the creation of your best DIY rig. We had a fair few entries and a tough time choosing the best, you can check them all out by entering #syrpdiy into your instagram feed. In the end we chose Gary Storey for his DIY motion control rig that looks like it’s taken a fair bit of work! Stay posted this week where we will be launching a new DIY competition to win our Magic Carpet slider.

Against the sky…

A Camp4 Sketch.
Directed//Shot//Edited Anson Fogel and Renan Ozturk
Katherine Winder – dancer
Bradley Beakes – dancer
Eric Porter – biker
Taylor Rees – young woman
Lowe Palmer – Child
Aimee Tetreault – Producer
Peyton Copp, Kevin Bennett, Dan Dunn, Alex Fuller – Help

Munchen Timelapse!

Night Fury Project

Night Fury project is a fictional snowboard film shot entirely at night in the Niseko Backcountry sponsored by Burton, Redbull, Syrp, Rhythm Snowboard shop and directed by Heath Patterson. The plan for the project was to have a hidden story fictional story and shoot the entire project at night under lights in the backcountry. It was an ambitious task and took a lot of organising and labouring to pull it off! Syrp was along for the ride as a second camera operator as well as in charge of Behind the Scenes. Check out the final flick here and stay posted for 2 more Behind the Scenes edits out soon!