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Syrp Variable ND Filter on Planet 5D

Timelapse in Holland with the Genie.

Syrp Variable ND filter comparison.

SLR lounge have just released this great Gear Talk about ND filters with a comparison between the Singh-ray fixed ND filter, the lightcraft workshop Variable ND and our own Syrp Variable ND filter.
It’s a great video that actually shows how you can use Variable NDs to create shots and does great job of analysing the pros and cons of the various ND filters out there. Enjoy!

Syrp products now shipping from within the US.

Syrp products now shipping from within the US.

We’re pleased to announce to all of our US customers that we are now shipping from our US based warehouse which will greatly enhance shipping cost and turnaround time for all of our products.
the Genie, Magic Carpet and all of our accessories are now available and shipping domestically in the USA.

Auckland Time-lapse

Magic Carpet Video.

We’ve just released our Magic Carpet Overview video which has all the ins and outs of the product and how it works. The Magic Carpet’s a simple, portable solution for smooth tracking moves and Motion Control. Designed with quick-release levers and a full roller-bearing carriage it’s an easy-setup, affordable solution for tracking camera movement. Check out the video above for the full run-down!

Rustad Media Time-lapse trip.

Rustad Media Time-lapse trip.

Morten Rustad from Rustad Media has been busy on a time-lapse venture in Norway.

He’s armed with a Genie and Magic Carpet Slider and by the looks he’s getting the weather pretty good!
Full release of the film will be in September, you can check out his website for more details over here.

Office Rebuild.

Office Rebuild.

We’ve recently made the trek up to the North Island and moved into a new 250m2 warehouse and office space where we will be assembling a team for R&D, Sales & Marketing. Each week the office has been taking shape and slowly transforming into a workable environment and eventually an awesome design studio. Once complete we’ll have an area where we can run film premieres so we’re looking forward to inviting you all down! Rather than build walls and anything permanent we instead bought 3 shipping containers and will use two of them for a workshop with CNC machine and testing area while the other one will act as a meeting room. All the office/desk space will be open in the middle.


What have we done!



Doors all cut out…


1,2,3 containers.




Big chalkboard to the right and workshop made up of two containers.

Genie by Jims Reviews

Behind the Scenes Episode 3

In this third and final episode we take all our gear up to a new zone, further than before thanks to black diamond tours who lend us a sled for the day. The excitement of a new spot quickly wore off as we realised the walk-in on the days to follow to get up there was going to be a nightmare after the storm! On top of that Jake manages to smash up his knee and ankle in the middle of the night far from civilisation. Enjoy!