Create a Zoom Transition Time-lapse Effect

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Creating fluidity between shots is a great way to keep the viewer engaged and your film flowing from scene to scene. A method that has recently been made popular by many different YouTubers but particularly by Sam Kolder is the Zoom Transition. By essentially making the viewer feel like they are being transported from shot to shot in one seamless transition, it creates an engaging fluid style that keeps the momentum of the edit going. These video zoom transitions are well documented and usually take place between two video shots that basically are basically cut together using a zoom effect in between. Shooting zoom transition time-lapses is another unique way to achieve this effect and adds even more production level (in our opinion!) and fluidity to your final edit.

When setting up to shoot a time-lapse transition make sure you think about in detail the two shots you are going to capture so that you can vary your transition each time. Doing the same transition over and over again gets repetitive and a little uninspiring for the audience.

Secondly you should always try and maintain momentum in your two shots you are transitioning together, you can experiment with many different ways of doing this, be creative and come up with your own style. Many of Sams examples are just handheld shots that are cut together but have similar movement in them to make them seamlessly work together. 

Once you’ve refined your idea and you’re ready to shoot, you’ll need to shoot two time-lapses; one wide and one zoomed in. This gives you max resolution later for when you transition between the two shots. Always remember to match the exposure settings on both cameras and also when making adjustments in post of both the timelapses that way they will look like that they are exactly the same shot. Once you’ve captured your content it’s as easy as clicking through a simple process in After Effects and exporting out your final transition timelapse, ready for import into your editing workflow.

Be sure to watch the Quick Tip above which explains in detail exactly how to capture and post process one of these shots. We’ve got weekly content going up on our Youtube Channel so be sure to subscribe for more tips! 

We've also included the video we used this particular zoom timelapse transition in about local photographer and film-maker Fraser Chatham.




Jun 21, 2018