A Day in Malibu with Dillon Perillo

Malibu. Wikipedia says it's a city west of LA and is known for its population of big shots in the entertainment industry.

Lucky for us, it's also home turf (surf?!) to one Dillon Perillo; surfer, Malibu local and the perfect excuse for Stephen Fitzgibbon, Blake Myers and Mickael Cukr to get their Syrp gear out and spend a day in the sun doing what they do best - filming stuff.

So, with a Canon C300 in tow, at Dillon's instruction, the guys stopped at Zuma Beach and Third Point. Dillon's been surfing here forever, so knows these breaks like the back of his hand, which is never a bad thing in a tour guide.

The Slingshot was setup to shoot under the Malibu Pier - you can check out he time-lapse at 2:08.

The full list of Syrp gear used was:

Genie Mini
Magic Carpet
Variable ND Filter

From sunrise to sunset, and all the goodness in between, the guys captured it all.

Sep 11, 2017