Everyday Humans - 1st Place Award Winner

If you haven't been following the Everyday Humans announcements from the Short Film Competition (which we suggest you do - sign up to the newsletter here), we're excited to bring you the overall 1st Place Award winning short film!

In this episode of Everyday Humans, meet Wayne Oudsema - Woodworker, craftsman and bike enthusiast.

For over 50 years, Wayne's done what he know best; worked with wood. Starting off his career as a contractor, he's now pushing boundaries and creating what everyone told him was impossible. He also possesses one of the coolest man caves we've ever seen. Welcome to Wayne's World.

Director Istvan Lettang took the top spot with his short film, taking away $7000USD and;
+ Syrp Genie 3 Axis Kit
+ Syrp Variable ND Filter 
+ Goal Zero Sherpa 100
+ Wipster Video Pro Team Subscription

Director: Istvan Lettang
Editor: Istvan Lettang
Talent: Wayne Oudsema

Congrats guys!

Apr 12, 2017