Genie II and Magic Carpet Pro Production Update

The last 6 weeks have flown by since we began pre-orders for Genie II and Magic Carpet Pro. Our team has been working around the clock getting each part finalised for production, which is now underway!

Mechanically, the design challenges have been solved and we're aiming to be on the factory floor by the end of May to start assembly of both Magic Carpet Pro and Genie II.

We've put in some serious hours rebuilding the App from the ground up with the main focus on creating a system that will make it easier to update and resolve any issues that might crop up in the future. 

We're working through the app systematically to make sure our first build is as reliable as possible, so you'll be ready to get out shooting as soon as your Genie II arrives. New features will be rolled out as quickly as possible and we'll have an update on feature availability closer to the shipping date. 

It's by far the biggest project our team has taken on, and we're so excited to get it into the hands of our filmmakers - you definitely won't be disappointed.

A few weeks ago we flew over our friends and filmmakers Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees to shoot with the Genie II all around New Zealand. We spent some time in Queenstown and Milford, exploring and shooting, using it out in the field is always a nice change from the office! Check out a few shots from our trip below - we're looking forward to launching this content alongside our ship date, so stay tuned!

Lastly we just learned that Magic Carpet PRO was the Good Design Award® Winner. The design team got a lot right and we can't wait to see it being used in productions all around the world!

Renan and Taylor testing out Magic Carpet Pro.

Lake on a mountain!

Genie II Pan Tilt.

May 18, 2018