A Kauri Cries - Behind the Scenes

A couple of months ago, we took part in a film project to raise awareness of the devastating effect of the disease dieback on New Zealand's native Kauri tree population.

The plan was simple. Sort of. Track a camera down a kauri tree infected with dieback, and use the imagery to create a musical score, which will then be played by members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. 

Syrp's motion control expertise were called upon for the initial shots of the trees which required slow tracking motion in a completely vertical orientation. Watch the video above to checkout the setup and click here to watch the final video: http://bit.ly/AKauriCries

Visit the website: www.AKauriCries.co.nz

Syrp gear used;
+ Magic Carpet Long Track
+ Genie
+ Ballhead

Feb 10, 2017