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The Genie! A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for Time Lapse Photography + more.

$890 USD

The Magic Carpet is a simple, elegant and durable slider for producing silky smooth professional tracking movements.

from $299.00 USD

The Syrp Variable ND Filter kit is your answer to shooting in bright light to achieve new creative shots.

from $139.00 USD

The Syrp Ball Head is a lightweight ball head that’s a perfect match for the Genie and DSLR's.

$110 USD

Syrp rope is a specialised accessory designed to work specifically with the Genie. The rope comes in 3 different sizes 10m, 50m, 100m.

$0.00 USD

Connect your camera to the Genie or other external devices. See specs for full compatibility list with the Genie.

from $20.00 USD

The Syrp car charger keeps your Genie juiced while you're on the move!

$49 USD




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The Team

Hidden away in the mountains of the lower South Island, New Zealand, Syrp brings the best of the design and film industry together to develop products that unleash the creativity of film makers. Syrp was formed with the goal of providing exceptional film equipment to independent film makers at prices they can afford.

We design film gear that bridges the gap between creativity and technology giving film makers the tools they need to get the shots they want without having to be a technical expert.



With years of daydreaming and tinkering behind him, Chris has gained the experience and skills needed to drive our products from crazy ideas to simple to use, reliable solutions. Chris has worked with a variety of small start ups as well as established companies to overcome their design and manufacturing problems.

Ben Ryan


Starting out in the early days with a handy cam Ben has worked his way up the film game establishing a highly successful film studio in 2004. He has produced some of New Zealand’s premier Snowboard films, as well as documentary film making for international Magazines.

Cam O'Connell


Since joining the band in 2012 Cam's fast finger work has been more readily applied to a computer keyboard rather than the fretboard. His ability to design & develop award winning websites has proven far more useful than his power chords.

Nick Baker


Nick has recently come on board to help turn our ideas into reality. He's been making things for ages, and know a thing or two about design, manufacturing and the world at large. With a keen eye for details he's a great addition to the design department.

Liz Richardson


Liz gets your orders out the door. She doesn't actually drive a forklift, we don't even own a forklift, but she keeps our shipping and logistics up and running smoothly so your orders get to you quick as can be. On top of this she keeps the office in order and is here to help you out if you ever need it.

Nerina Ward


Keeping everything tight at Syrp HQ and online, Nerina makes sure we pay our bills and call our mums. She's on hand for everything from postage runs to film shoots and she's there for you to call on if need a help with any of your Syrp gear.

Darin Stewart


Keeping us on side with the tax man Darin counts the beans and even plants a couple. He's doing his best to keep us out of the red and doing what we love.